What does it mean to really think?

What does it mean to really think?

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What does it mean to really think? How do you begin to think more upward bound?
Start out thinking – what do you really want? Not what do you think you can get. Not, what you think you can do. What do you really want? We’re discouraged to go after what we want. Most people are not even aware of that. But as little kids, we’ll go, “Mommy, Daddy, I want this.” And they look at you kind of silly, “Now how are you going to do that?” Or, “Where’sthe money going to come from?” And because the child can’t answer it, they’re stopped and pretty soon they stop asking for what they want and they stop thinking about it.
Because to get into what we want, we have to fantasize and then we turn the fantasy into a theory and that’s when we really begin to think. So if there’s going to be upward motion, upward movement or growth, we’re going to have to think, but it’s going to have to be directed towards a result that we truly do want. Whether it’s in our corporation or in our personal life or in our relationships, what do we really want? #BobProctor #Quotes #Success #Habits #Affirmations #LawofAttraction

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