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We have had something to do with online marketing for more than 20 years.  One thing I can vouch that in order for you to make a online income, you need to begin building a list.  Once you build a list over the years that list will pay you over and over again.

You need the tools to brand yourself and your business.  I use GVO for all my WordPress Blogs and websites.  I also use Now Lifestyle for their autoresponder and page builder.  If your going to build a online business you need these tools.

Viduber Video Hosting and Streaming Webinar Replay

If you haven’t seen a webinar I encourage you to signup for the next one or at least watch the replay.

VidUber is now in pre-launch for a service that you can make commissions from that 96 percent of people use daily.  Check out VidUber today!

The Launch of Viduber is rocking so far!

The question is whether you have taken a look?

Right now you can join for just $1

Viduber is a web based software set to be competitive with the likes of Vimeo/Wistia though have a much better fee schedule and compensation plan.

  • 35% front end commissions
  • 25% matching check bonuses on the 2nd tier
  • $1 trial with monthly, yearly and lifetime accounts (though lifetime may be pulled down soon)

Why host your important marketing videos on another site where other competitors ads show up on your videos where you can have ad free videos.

Why let them show recommended videos for competitors when you can control what the end of your videos look like.

Viduber is the solution and you can see our webinar replay here:  Be sure to click the link above or the banner below the video to come try it out for just $1

Lead generation is key, from time to time I will use Udimi to run a solo ad.

If you are interested in getting started, we are here to help you do that.  Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook.