It’s all about the hook, story, and offer…and today…

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It’s all about the hook, story, and offer…and today I’m giving you a deep dive into how I tell my stories! 📚🤓

I’ll talk to you about how to break false belief patterns, how sometimes you need to tell more stories in order to sell, and what kind of stories need to be told. Check it out now!! 📲

My Funnel Hacking Live Keynote Presentation – Part 3 of 4
Apr 1, 2019 – Listen to part 3 of 4 of my keynote presentation from FHL. During this part of the presentation, I start diving deeper into how to tell stories and how those stories relate to the perfect webinar. On today’s episode you will hear part 3 of 4 of Russell’s first presentation at Funne…

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