If you want to change your current conditions, it’s…

If you want to change your current conditions, it’s…

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If you want to change your current conditions, it’s important that you understand how the mind really works. Then, instead of being stuck in old, unproductive patterns, you’ll be able to joyfully and easily shape your destiny.

Here are the three basic steps:

1. Your conscious mind chooses thoughts and turns them into pictures.
2. Your conscious mind then turns the pictures over to the subconscious mind.
3. Your subconscious mind, which can’t distinguish between real and imaginary, expresses the actions and results that align perfectly with the picture you provided.

Scientists estimate that only about 3 percent of our processing powers come from the conscious mind. The rest of it comes from your paradigm—a multitude of ideas, beliefs, and habits that have been planted in your subconscious mind over and over…and one way to change them is through the repetition of positive beliefs. You can do this by studying or regularly attending live events. If you click on my bio, you can access a number of free resources to help you with this, or you can join me for the next #ParadigmShift live stream to get a better grasp on this… #BobProctor #Abundance #Mentor #Believe #Belief #Thinking #Mind #Winning #Goals #Vision #SpiritualAwakening #Spirituality #LawofAttraction #TheSecret #Gratitude #Attitude

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