Now Lifestyle Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Now Lifestyle Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

** What to say when people call us a Scam or Pyramid Scheme after 19 years in Business ** .

First if you feel that way about us I totally understand why. Just in the past 3 years alone so many Online Network Marketing companies have gone. Some people who put their heart and souls into a company and the next day their income is gone. .

So I totally understand your scepticism and reluctance. Let me preface what makes us different by saying that the success or failure of an MLM is pretty much the same as a conventional “Brick & Mortar” Business. Roughly 90% of new companies, all companies are statistically out of business in 5 years. .

So why have we been around 19 years now?

With Kiosk, GVO, Hot Conference all being the foundation it just make Now Lifestyle that much better. Health, Fitness and Wellness is a huge hot niche. More and more people are looking get in better shape and improve their quality of life.

Now Lifestyle core, WE Are a Fitness & Wellness Opportunity!! ..

✅ Our Fitness System Works

✅ Our Sports Nutrition Works

✅ Gain Time Freedom with Our Global Digital Products

✅ Learn & Earn with Our Upper Tier University

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Now Lifestyle Offers you everything you need to be successful:

✅Done For You Lead Capture System

✅Done For You Lead Capture Pages

✅Done For You Follow Up Emails

✅Click Funnels


✅Webinar Links

✅Facebook Live Links

✅Facebook advertising system

✅Guaranteed Paid Sign Ups

✅Done for you Facebook leads

✅Done for you webinars

✅And much more…

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