“You may be winning the race but are you winning…

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“You may be winning the race but are you winning the right race? You may be may be good at climbing the ladder, but is the ladder against the right wall” ?

530: Behind The Scenes Episode: “3 Lessons On Increasing Your Leadership from Simon Chan’s Entrepreneurial Journey”

An Entrepreneur’s life is never easy. It’s a nonstop journey of new lessons learned and that’s why I do what I do, it’s not about making money, it is driven by purpose.

And if anyone ever tells you that once you make it it’s easy, then they are full of lies or BS or they never made it before because it’s a never-ending journey.

To listen to the Special Behind the Scenes episode with Simon Chan, https://goo.gl/YYBNLr

Success is not about the money, it’s the time and the flexibility you have.f everyone knew what it meant to have the flexibility, that’s caused by residual income everyone would work so so much harder.

I think about myself; even though I achieved and built a seven figure MLM business. If I knew the benefits, how happy I am with my boys, I would have had kids earlier and even doubled or tripled down on what I did in my business. I would build a million dollar business even faster than what I did.

Now one thing I want to emphasize is Don’t compare. Just know that everyone has to have that unique journey. If you compare, that’s really the kiss of death. It what is really going to kill not just your business but your life… it’s really your life because you’re not going be happy.

If you ever screw up, here are a couple of Leadership Lessons for you:
– You have to own up to it. I think the thing that bailed me out after 48 hours is that I owned up to my mistake. Know that you can’t please everyone. Some people are not going to be happy about it.

– You got to be willing to make tough decisions. Pulling that interview was not comfortable. I never pull an interview over 500 different shows, and having to pull one out was uncomfortable for me. Leaders make tough decisions.

– You have to be direct and honest with the feedback you get to be vulnerable and admit that. And then most importantly, you have to see the lesson learned. Leaders always think long term and short term. You know that the decision was easy looking at it long term. But uncomfortable short term. And generally the rule is the long term decision is always going to be the better decision.

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