Why I Added a Second Income Stream with Live Good

Why I Added a Second Income Stream with Live Good

I recently joined LiveGood and I believe they have unlocked the code to address the retention issue that has plagued product-based business opportunities in the past. Their unique approach brings in the warehouse membership (Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, etc.) model to network marketing. As members we never need to be on an autoship, nor are there requirements to purchase products monthly. We purchase products because we want to and with LiveGood, as a member, we purchase products because they are priced well below what we can purchase the same or similar products for at retail stores and much, much below other mlm companies that require an autoship and pay commission on the same or similar products. You see… LiveGood does not pay commissions on member product purchases; however, they do pay commissions on customer retail purchases. We are paid on the membership fee (this is that warehouse model I mentioned) which is a small $9.95 per month or $99.95 for a full year (20% discount when paying for a full year). The price point is so low that this is a no brainer decision, I suggest joining for a full year at $139.95 ($40 affiliate fee + $99.95 annual membership fee) or you can join for $49.95 ($40 affiliate fee + $9.95 monthly membership fee). With just a small amount of effort you should be earning a nice residual income at the end of 2023. The company pays weekly Fast Start commissions up to 10 generations deep depending on your rank, 2 x 15 Matrix Commissions, matching Matrix Earnings on your Direct Referrals Matrix earnings up to 5 generations deep depending on your rank, retail sales commissions, and bonuses! Take the Free Tour Now by Clicking Here. That will put you in the Powerline and reserve your registration timestamp through next Thursday at Midnight. The Powerline is great because you can see the explosive growth of Live Well in real time! Click Here and take the free tour Now! https://llclickpro.com/r/pzkrjcd2/

Scott & Sandra Gordon


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