Wanna meet up in Texas?!

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Wanna meet up in Texas?!🤔

Here’s your chance for us to meet!


for me to be at your side and help you PROSPECT online!🔥

Our BYOB (Build Your Own Business) 2018 tour has come to an end – where at each event, we kept it intimate to where we prospect together side by side.

We had so many success stories in Texas, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Nashville, that we decided to start 2019 strong!

And on January 19, MLM Nation’s BYOB is coming to 🇺🇸San Antonio Texas.

I’d love to meet you in person and also help you get an interested prospects for your business.

In fact, I guarantee that after prospecting together with you…

👉You’ll get at least 1 interested prospect before day ends.

We’re limiting these events to only a handful of people so we get to actually prospect and work together.🙂

Right now, you can save 50% with Early Bird promo. But after Dec.20th, tickets go back to normal pricing.

Go here to learn more:

-Simon Chan

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