Right now, whole villages are perishing as drought…

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Right now, whole villages are perishing as drought and famine spread like a cancer across the SubSahran plains. Millions of forgotten Africans are starving to death because of years of crop failure. Children who should be in school daily risk being raped, abducted, or killed as they trek miles to the nearest pond to fill their jugs with foul, diseased water for their families to drink. If they don’t starve, they will likely succumb to preventable diseases.

The problem is decades old, but with your help the King’s Ransom Foundation is bringing new solutions: together we are delivering bio-sand fresh-water equipment to village after village, restoring hope to families in despair. With fresh water comes health, new crops, and a chance to live again!

Through YOUR GENEROSITY, the trajectory of 316,8000 LIVES have been CHANGED just in the last three (3) months.

Help us help them. Donate at: https://kingsransomfoundation.org/africa/

Thank you for your compassionate support for the lives of orphaned and abandoned children on the other side of the world!

100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the mission.

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