“No, you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, but you can…

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“No, you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, but you can customize it. You can make it your own and do things in a way that feel really authentic to you.”

516: How to Stay Consistent and Authentic to Attract Prospects In Your Business by Danielle Natoni

Danielle Natori has a lot to share about authenticity and vulnerability, and how those qualities can greatly impact your journey to success. She explains how important it is to invest in personal development, and not to dabble, but to dive deep into the business.

Danielle also describes the ways in which she manages her time and the apps she uses in order to be the most efficient she can also be. She defines herself as a brand and details how important it is to do so.

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Danielle Natoni was a former 5th-grade teacher who got started with her network marketing company in April 2010.

t took her 4 years to earn cumulative 7 figures and then she became an annual 7 figure earner since 2015. She’s a Superstar Diamond 2 Coach and is only the 7th person in the entire company to achieve that rank.

Danielle has an organization of over 20,000 members and she credits her success to her consistency and authenticity. She says in order to be successful you have to find your unique voice and not feel you have to do what everyone else does.

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