“More and more and more people are looking for what…

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“More and more and more people are looking for what we have got. It’s just a matter of positioning yourself, telling the story, taking people on the journey and getting excited. “

525: Her Passion and Respect for Network Marketing Helped Her Build an Organization with 20,000 Customers with Anna Richards

Anna Richards has a passion and respect for network marketing that has lead her to where she is today. She reveals why new distributors struggle with the business and the strategy to overcome those issues.

Anna shares the moments when the business was hard, but how important it was to shift her focus and take action on what you can do to stay consistent. She also details how she fit network marketing into her days before she was full time. And now that she is full time, she shares the structured schedule she created, and how it has given her freedom.

To listen to the full training with Anna Richards and Simon Chan, go to https://goo.gl/3iM4D4

Anna Richards worked for a politician before she discovered network marketing in 2013.
Today, she and her husband have built an organization of over 20,000 customers and are 6 figure earners, and they live out in Gold Coast, Australia.

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