Let me ask you a question: Do you believe that…

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Let me ask you a question: Do you believe that there’s something greater, something beyond ourselves?

Whatever you want to call that —God, or the universe, or infinite intelligence, or the divine mind, or energy—I truly believe God is a loving energy. And I believe that it only responds to absolute FAITH. Another word for absolute CERTAINTY.

I’ve seen in every aspect of life—whether its sports, performance, relationships, health—bringing certainty, a faith beyond what you see, to a situation that is uncertain, is one of the greatest resources you can have.

And of course, there are still no guarantees in life.

There’s always a test of faith. Every one of us, regardless of your age, gender, wealth or lack thereof, every one of us will be tested in ways we’re not ready for, multiple times, true or false?

Life tests us to see if we can find certainty in uncertain times. And the ultimate certainty is not that you get what you want. The ultimate certainty is the FAITH that life is benevolent, even when it looks like it’s not. It’s trust & patience to give it time to show us. It’s knowing that somehow everything has a higher meaning.

And I believe it’s our job to find it… If we can find the higher meaning in the midst of our pain & in spite of our fear, we become a source of love & inspiration for others. A source of certainty & safety for others, and that strengthens us for our own journey and service.

Life is always happening for us. If you develop that level of faith, you have an advantage in this game. We don’t get big muscles from the easy stuff. We become more because we’ve been through life’s difficulties.

So what’s the difference between fear & faith? Well, they are both made up—they are both energies in our imagination. The only difference is, FEAR is imagination undirected, running to the worst case scenario. FAITH is when our imagination is directed to higher purpose.

So, I choose faith. When you realize grace is always there, no matter what the outcome, that gives you a different level of faith in life itself, & a different love & appreciation for life & for every day we get on this earth.❤️

 Tony Robbins
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