It’s Throwback Monday at MLM Nation Podcast !

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It’s Throwback Monday at MLM Nation Podcast !

We are sharing with you one of the MLM Nation’s best episode, an interview with Richard Brooke, which was originally broadcasted on Episode 022.

Richard Brooke is great story teller, multiple seven figure earner and had been in the profession for decades. He shares some great relationship advice and rips and strategies that helped him earn millions of dollars as a distributor, owner and trainer in network marketing.

531: Throwback Monday, “One Action Step That Creates Success” by Richard Brooke

Richard Bliss Brooke is a 38 year veteran of the MLM profession. Not only has he made millions as a distributor, Richard is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee and is currently an owner of a network marketing company.

He also owns Bliss Business… which is an ontological coaching, seminar and network marketing tools and training business.

Richard Brooke is the also man who brought you the viral video series called Super MLM Man and the best selling author of The Four Year Career and also wrote one of the most talked about books in MLM profession… the book called Mach2 With Your Hair On Fire

To listen to the training with Simon Chan and Richard Brooke, go to

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