“I know sometimes the culture is different, but…

“I know sometimes the culture is different, but…

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“I know sometimes the culture is different, but the ambitions of the people is the same.”

511: How to Bounce Back from Struggles and Believe in Yourself by Ada Caballero

Ada Caballero is a Mexican immigrant who has had her fair share of struggles to get to where she is today. She shares some of those struggles, and the inspiration she received to help her through. She describes the power of believing in yourself and the influence of a mentor. Ada details the value of her mentor, Armand Puyolt, who was a previous guest on MLM Nation. One of the tools Armand has taught her is the 5 Steps which Ada implements in her business every day.

To listen to the full special training with Ada Caballero and Simon Chan, go to https://goo.gl/6Eu2jv

Ada Caballero came to the US from Mexico at 15 years old and was struggling when she encountered network marketing over 28 years. She’s experienced the ups and downs of network marketing and at different points even quit the business a few times but she always knew that MLM was the better way.

Today she is a powerful leader and a Diamond Director and has a global business. Ada is also a mother to two kids and a grandmother as well.

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