“I am more focused and I have learned to manage…

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“I am more focused and I have learned to manage procrastination.”

529: DMO Heroes "How To Use The DMO System To Overcome Procrastination" by Alfa Yuson

Alfa Gesim is a member of a special community called purpose driven networkers, who meet and prospect together 15 times a week.

The group has accountability tracking for how consistent you are. Alfa was one that beat out dozens of people in the last month with her consistency, and got great results in less than 30 days since she became part of the group. It doesn’t take that much time to prospect; you reach out to people for 15 minutes at a time and get the task down.

Also, you have to schedule your DMO. When you do not have much time, and you put your prospecting activities on your calendar, and it just 15-minute segments, you get it done.

The secret is to plan ahead of time. Take 5 minutes before you go to bed to write the names of your hot prospects a day before.

To listen to the full training with Simon Chan and Alfa Gesim, https://goo.gl/56NQy3

Alfa Gesim is a mother of one kid. Her husband is an overseas worker and they are originally from the Philippines. Alfa and her husband moved to Spain to make a little better income.

Her dream was to become an entrepreneur. She had experience with a small traditional business, but the model didn’t work for her.

Then Alfa found someone online who introduced her to network marketing and got started in the business. Since then, she believes it is the best thing that she ever did.

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