Here is a how to for your 30 Day Marketing Plan for Now…

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Here is a how to for your 30 Day Marketing Plan for Now Lifestyle.

In order to build your Now Lifestyle business it is a MUST that you have a weekly flow of new leads coming into your Lead Capture System.

Now as a VIP Member you need to pay close attention to how many leads you have in your system. Your system is only set up for 250 leads. So if you are anywhere close to that you need to upgrade to Platinum.

I recommend you work with Alessandro Serra to order your solo ads and set them up over a 30 day period.

Once you complete payment it will ask you for your name, link and has a place for comments. That is where you would tell him you would like these solo ads to run weekly over a 30 day period.

Small budget can order 200 a month and get 50 leads a week
Medium budget can order 400 or 500 a month and get 100/125 a week.
Large budget where you will see great success can order 1000 clicks and get 250 weekly.

Look him up on Facebook and add him as a Friend he will help you move your business forward.

Reach out to me if I can assist,

If you are not a member yet in Now Lifestyle join our team today

30 Day Marketing Plan for Now Lifestyle

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