Have you had a chance to listen to Episode 16 of The…

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Have you had a chance to listen to Episode 16 of The Fearless Networker Show yet?

🎧How to Know if Your Business is too Reliant on Facebook: https://gordonsweb.savingshighwayglobal.com2WgCCQh

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Episode:

1:35 – How to know if you’re too reliant on Facebook

2:27 – What Facebook really thinks about Network Marketing/MLM

3:08 – What a smart network marketer has in place

7:12 – What to do instead of JUST Facebook

8:13 – The best thing to do to be a strong leader and professional

Listen in here 🎧: https://gordonsweb.savingshighwayglobal.com2WgCCQh

You can also pick up my latest FREE RESOURCE, "The Fearless Facebook FORMULA Cheat Sheet!", and take a deeper dive into this topic.

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