Do you know why people buy?

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Do you know why people buy? Do you know why they buy specifically from YOU?

Hear my answer and dive in to the rest of podcast. Here’s your preview for
My #1 Key to Big Success in Business: https://gordonsweb.savingshighwayglobal.com2KjkrZ5
1:10 – The secret to what I believe has been my #1 Key to Success in Business

1:40 – Why people buy

3:45 – Be genuinely interested in others

4:29 – What I have on my phone and how I know everyone on my contact list

6:50 – Are you a green button or a red button person?

10:15 – Make emotional deposits

10:47 – The text to start sending

 Todd Falcone – The Fearless Networker
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