“By taking action, you are getting better.

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“By taking action, you are getting better.” – Simon Chan

537: “How Busy Parents of Five, Who Work Opposite Shifts, Make it Happen in Their Business” by Keisha and Donnell

Keisha and Donnell were listeners of MLM Nation Podcast for over a year before they discovered how Simon was helping network marketers produce results inside a special group called Purpose Driven Networkers (PDN).

Keisha and Donnell decided the kind of coaching Simon provides is what they needed to take their business to a different level.

Since they joined the group, action accountability has helped them show up and stay consistent in their business.

Keisha and Donnell also reveal details on how the DMO Sessions in PDN works, where members have a chance to work directly with Simon daily, focusing on income producing activities.

To listen to the training with Simon Chan and Keisha and Donnell, go to https://mlmnation.com/537

Keisha and Donnell are from St. Louis, Missouri. They met 9 years ago and have 5 kids ranging from 22 to 3 years old.

Keisha is a claims assistant and Donnell works as a signal electrician for trains.

They are very busy parents with their youngest son getting ready to go off to college and their girls taking Gymnastic classes.

They have one son who is also in network marketing.

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