Best Autoresponder for Email Marketing

Best Autoresponder for Email Marketing

One of your key tools you need for email marketing or building your list you have to use a autoresponder.  I have used many and still have several different ones.

Here are some of the ones I am most familiar with:

  • Aweber
  • Getresponse
  • Global Virtual Opportunities (Still use today)
  • Now Lifestyle (Still use today)
  • The Conversion Pros  (Main autoresponder) 14 Day Free Trial

All of the one’s listed above I have used in my last 20 years of marketing online.  I have so many leads in some of them I can’t afford to cancel them since it’s all about building your list.

The Conversion Pro’s is hands down the best autoresponder and page builder that I have used.  The open rates that I see from it even with a smaller list than my other two is much better.

Let’s take a look at a new page that was just built that anyone can use to build their list as well as make money.  This new page is called the Quarantine Cash System.

The share code that you can use for this page is 1562063b all you need to change is my username of srgleads to your username.

Once a person fills out the opt in page they will be sent to this landing page which will tell you all the details about The Conversion Pros which they offer this to you free for 14 day trial.

The Conversion Pro’s is in 57 countries so this is a business that you can build globally.

The share code for the Landing Page is 9ab38720

Autoresponder code is 3ed7b91c the only thing you will need to change in the autoresponder is under TAGS.

Click on TAGS in the right corner.

Under TAGS click edit then highlight ==>> Click Here For Your Quarantine Cash System<<==

then just change srgleads to your username.

The Conversion Pros not only allows you to build a income stream from it by itself but you can use to to build any business.  It is one of the primary tools that I use with Contact List Builder.  Be sure to download a copy of my Quick Start Guide

The Conversion Pros has over 100 share codes that are already done for you to start building your list for any business that you are building.

Plus you have full access to done for you autoresponder share codes to maximize your opt in rates for you email marketing campaigns.

I think once you join the free 14 day trial with The Conversion Pros you will find it is a very power system that has everything done for you to build your email marketing list.  Just getting two signups under you then your system is fully paid for and any future signups is profit.

You will also begin seeing that your opt in rates are higher as well as your open rates in your emails are getting read from your leads.  This is why I truly believe this is the best autoresponder for email marketing.



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