520: DMO Heroes “Daily Checklist for Tracking…

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520: DMO Heroes “Daily Checklist for Tracking Relationships with Your Prospects” by Jared Crebs

Simon Chan and Jared Crebs discuss the benefit of coaching and being a Purpose Driven Networker. Jared shares the direct increase he has cultivated as a result of the DMO.

He also explains his daily checklist to make sure he is creating friendships and starting conversations in which he can then share the business. Finally, Jared also details how important it is to be active on social media, and his strategy for creating content.

To listen to the full special training with Simon Chan and Jared Crebs, go to https://goo.gl/D59f4F

Jared Crebs was a struggling music teacher before he got started in network marketing 13 years ago. He was drowning in debt from music school and was working as a professional musician in the Dallas area. He was attracted to network marketing because he could build it on the side and still do his music at the same time.

His first year in network marketing was really hard, but he didn’t give up, and his second year he was able to do over $60 thousand. Since then his business has continued to grow.

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