518: How to be a Powerful Online Communicator…

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518: How to be a Powerful Online Communicator and Invite Prospects Quickly by Simon Chan

Do you want to better connect with prospects weather it is in warm markets or cold markets, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever platform you use?
“We all get stuck in that “building rapport” stage, especially when you are building online. For offline team building, you may invite them the second or third time you talk to them. But for online team building, you need to invite right away. People are used to quick messages online.”

In this training, Simon Chan shares Principles of Communication that will ALWAYS keep your prospects engaged and curious to hear more. Also, Simon discusses how to avoid the mistake of waiting too long to invite your prospects.

To listen to the full special training with Simon Chan, go to https://goo.gl/9fougf

Principles of Powerful communication:

Keep your message short and brief, 1-2 sentences. Common Mistake: people type too much. You want to keep it simple.

Always want to end with a question to keep the conversation flowing and take an action. For example: “I had an awesome day. How is your day?”

When you start the message, start with commonality. Example: Mention a post they shared or a sports team you both have in common.

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