510: DMO Heroes “The Positive Impact of Sharing your…

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510: DMO Heroes “The Positive Impact of Sharing your Enthusiasm for Your Business” by Joanne Baxas

Simon Chan and Joanne Baxas detail keys to consistency and the importance of an accountability partner. Joanne also shares the benefits of sharing her enthusiasm for joining MLM, and the direct effect it had. They also discuss the DMO, or Daily Method of Operation, step by step, and how to implement each aspect of it into your daily life.

To listen to the full special training with Simon Chan and Joanne Baxas , go to https://goo.gl/Ny5ctj

Joanne Baxas worked her whole life in retail and wholesale buying offices. She basically missed out on ten years of her daughter’s life. In 2014 she lost her job and discovered network marketing in 2015. She got started the traditional way and found that she was more interested in building online. She attended a BYOB event hosted by Simon Chan and is now a Purpose Driven Networker.

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