505: How to create long term vision over immediate…

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505: How to create long term vision over immediate gratification to build a global organization of thousands by Anthony and Kate Golle

“Think about who do you love, who loves you, what are you grateful for, the people around you, I think that’s when vision starts to download. Everything starts from a place of gratitude.”

Anthony and Kate Golle share their mission and their goal to add value to people’s lives, and an exercise they did in order to develop a vision, which they center their business on. Kate shares that she was needing fun in her life, and how network marketing and the events around the industry have provided that. Anthony discusses in his career how he developed a muscle in getting rejected, and how that applies to his business. And finally, they share how they approach someone to join them, and the process of follow up that they use, such as with Chani Thompson, who was interviewed in episode 495.

To listen to the full training with Anthony and Kate Golle and Simon Chan, go to https://goo.gl/Ugx7oQ

Anthony and Kate Golle are high school sweethearts and have 3 kids, 6, 8 & 10 years old. Anthony is a Chiropractor and they owned 5 Wellness Centres.
They’ve produced a health documentary called Overfed & Undernourished and also authored the book, Raising Healthy Families in Unhealthy Times.
They said “No” to network marketing for over 6 years before they finally got started. Once they committed to the profession, they were able to sell 4 of their traditional businesses.

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