502: DMO Heroes “How To Master The DMO to Create…

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502: DMO Heroes “How To Master The DMO to Create Online Duplication” by Udembaozoh Uche.

Simon Chan and Udembaozoh Uche review habit building and how important a daily routine is to consistency. Uche breaks down the different elements of his morning and evening routines, and shares how they contribute to his success.

To listen to the full training with Simon Chan and Sarah Zammit, go to https://goo.gl/DToHCP

Udembaozoh Uche started his career in 2007 after his college degree education. In 2010, he got married to his sweetheart and at that point, it became clear to him that salary will not be enough for him to live his dream lifestyle.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at creating a network marketing business, he and his wife decided to try again in February 2018 after Uche lost his job. This time, they were very clear about what they wanted and were focused to make it work. Along the line, Uche discovered MLMNation Insider and fell in love with the online duplication system taught by Simon Chan. In six months, they kick-started a growing team which they are passionate about and excited to work with.

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