500: DMO Heroes “How To Stop Procrastination and Take…

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500: DMO Heroes “How To Stop Procrastination and Take More Action” by Sarah Zammit

“I’m actually really competitive and part of being in the insider group, we need to track our numbers, right? So we need to log in every day and track our numbers. I want to be on your leaderboard every day.”

Simon Chan talks with Sarah Zammit and they discuss how being an insider has greatly impacted the growth and efficiency of her business. Sarah shares techniques to take more action and how to make the most of your time each day.

To listen to the full training with Simon Chan and Sarah Zammit, go to https://goo.gl/QPdi42

Sarah Zammit left the corporate world to have kids. She has two boys, ages 10 and 11 and though she loved to be a mom, like many, she felt unfulfilled just being at home. She found herself starting to lose self-confidence and self-belief and needed something to do other than being a stay at home mom. She was looking for a purpose. Sarah tried many things such as being a makeup artist, personal training, real estate, working in a pizza shop, etc but nothing really clicked for her.

She also couldn’t go back to work full time since her husband worked 12-hour rotating shifts and someone needed to be home to take home of the kids. Then one day a friend introduced her to some products that she really liked and she decided to do network marketing as a hobby. Before she knew it, not only has Sarah got a great source of extra income but she’s finally found her purpose and passion.

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