499: How to Create Insane Duplication and Build a…

499: How to Create Insane Duplication and Build a…

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499: How to Create Insane Duplication and Build a Business With Over 100,000 Customers by Christopher Hughes

“I’ve experienced it, you know? I’ve experienced massive, insane, ridiculous, redonkulous duplication, year after year after year after year after year.”

Christopher Hughes has many important tools and techniques to be successful in network marketing. One such tool is the 8 filters of duplication. He also explains the process of imprinting, and that 90% of training a new prospect is done before they even enroll. He shares a powerful lesson he learned in integrity; doing the right thing when no one is watching. Finally, Christopher explains the 7 pillars of uncommon freedom and the positive effect of implementing effective systems.

To listen to the full training with Christopher Hughes and Simon Chan, go to https://goo.gl/A3vj4L

Christopher Hughes went to high school for six years, had three senior years. Then decided to go to college for 5 years, and after five years, dropped out. He had 27 jobs by the time he turned 27. Then he got started in network marketing.

In 10 years he became a million dollar earner and was a top 20 earner out of over 400,000 reps. Recently he was promoted to one of the top company positions, senior vice president. He’s also a part of the Hughes Brothers dynasty, which is the only family in network marketing.

There are 4 siblings who all became million dollar or multi-million dollar earners in the same company.

He’s become a best selling author of 8 books and programs, including one called Insane Duplication. He also has his own podcast, The Above Ground Railroad: Your Path to Uncommon Freedom.

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