When you go to the gym — there are literally hundreds…

When you go to the gym — there are literally hundreds of exercises you could do, but most of them are built on the same few movements. Master the core movements and you’ve mastered hundreds of smaller exercises.

Sales work the same way. cardoneu.com

Here are the “core” sales skills you need:

Grabbing Attention → Can you get someone interested in your product or service?
The Presentation/Pitch → How to start actually selling
The Objection → How to answer everything that will stop the sale
The Close → How to move them to act now
Do you have sales skills?

Could you improve the sales skills you already have?

Get Cardone University right now for only $99/month and cancel at any time. You’ll have access to courses like… cardoneu.com

• Selling Basics
• Understanding the Buyer
• Prospecting
• Follow Up
• 100 Ways to Stay Motivated
• Top Traits of Great Salespeople
• Handling Objections
• Cold Calling
• Theory of Closing
• Internet Lead Response

Think of it like this—you might already be paying for a gym membership…and Cardone University is like a monthly membership to your “sales and business” gym.

You have to use it and keep using it to benefit.

It will keep you sharp, it will get you ready to make more sales week in and week out.

And you’ll see big financial results in your bank account. cardoneu.com

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