Resistance Bands are great for a beginner or a…

Resistance Bands are great for a beginner or a professional athlete, you can use a single band or multiple bands to vary the intensity of your workout.

DOOR ATTACHMENT & ANKLE STRAPS: Door attachment is more convenient and safer, totally free your worry about the slipping out during exercise, the durable webbing ankle straps easily adjust to hug the ankle or wrist, also fit around foot.

ANTI SNAP RESISTANCE BANDS: Made of premium natural latex can maintain elastic for a long time, G-3 sturdy hook & metal carabineer Ring make the stretch bands more durable. Band guard can greatly reduce the friction on the fitness band. Designed for fast and easy band changes in increasing or decreasing your band weight.

This kit includes 11 Pieces – (5 bands) Red Band: 50 lbs., Black Band: 40 lbs., Green Band: 30 lbs., Blue Band: 20 lbs., Yellow Band: 10 lbs., 2 detachable foam handles, 2 foot ankle/wrist straps, door anchor attachment, portable carry bag. The NowLifeStyle resistance tube set with abundant accessories can totally save you money by becoming your personal home gym.

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Resistance Bands Training Overview

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